RLD Pricing

There are 42 spots available for each round:
2 x FEATURED DESIGNER: Free of charge – Immediately adjacent to the landing spot.
Allocated on merit to the two designers with the highest number of likes in a previous round.
For more details see the following post on Flickr.
4 x SPONSOR: L$7000 – Immediately adjacent to the landing spot.
Sponsor vendor images will be positioned first in the item showcase gallery on the redlightdistrict.sl website.
Sponsor spots will be allocated on request. Please specify if you would like a sponsor spot via the application form each month. We will keep a record of all previous sponsor applications and take this data into account when allocating sponsor spots for each round.
Please keep in mind that we will not be accepting designers who insist on having a sponsor spot or nothing at all. Unlike other events we only offer 4 sponsor spots per month which, in the interest of variety, will be offered to different designers each round. Realistically a designer will never be sponsor two rounds running. Expect a waiting list.
All other spots will range in price based on their proximity to the landing spot: L$4500-L$3500.
Spots will be claimed via payment in the RLD Payment Room two weeks prior to event setup. First-come, first-served basis. The sooner you pay the more choice you will have.
The payment room will open on the 2nd of each month, alternating between midday and midnight from round to round in an effort to avoid bias toward any one timezone.